Now that you and I plus your neighbour each has a smart phone or a device connected to the internet, this simply proves that Internet audiences are the some of the more sophisticated markets you are going to find, and that makes it very sensible indeed to advertise through the internet medium. By choosing to advertise your business or services on, you are assured of reaching the largest number of internet users both in Malawi and abroad..

Now with over 2,867,359 unique visitors monthly and almost 1,609,246 page views every month, is Malawi’s most frequently visited Entertainment Website.

Most of the visitors to this website are the people who are interested in, downloading latest Malawimusic while others are interested in business around Malawi.

What’s more, you have more options availed to you to help you advertise and reach a wider audience that’s interested in your services. If the first and second can’t work for you, the third surely will.

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